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fleet management

Fleet management can be time-intensive with data and information spread across different external providers and internal departments, and reliant upon organised drivers who keep on top of filing and expense submissions.
With our Velocity online account management tool, managing multiple fuel cards, drivers and vehicles is easy, with all information stored in one location. No more asking drivers to hold on to receipts and reimbursing each individually.
Our Kinesis tracking also works through Velocity so that all fleet data is to hand at all times.
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card management
Card Management

Manage multiple fuel cards

card management

Run reports on historical transactions to analyse fleet expenditure over time

card management
Manage Card Groups

Create reports on all or specific fuel data, or even specific vehicles and drivers for easy analysis

card management
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Cancel lost or stolen fuel cards immediately

card management

Monitor and manage all the above online or through our smartphone apps

card management

Review invoices quickly and easily