New to
Fuel Cards?

If you are new to fuel cards, chances are you have been keeping your fleet on the road using cash, reimbursing driver expenses, company credit cards or a mixture of all three. This is highly inefficient and opens your business up to fraud.

Why Use a Fuel Card?

For businesses with a mobile workforce, fuel cards are the best option available. They are safer than cash, both for companies and individual drivers, and more efficient than credit cards. They can also provide businesses with valuable savings through detailed reporting on fuel spend and usage. Businesses can then use this information to identify areas of inefficiency within the fleet.
As well as improving fuel efficiency, fuel cards improve the efficiency of administrative processes linked to running a fleet.
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Save Time and Money

With fuel cards, all transactions are recorded. This allows the amount of fuel being used to be monitored, which is the first step to reducing spend and finding savings. Once inefficiencies are identified, measures can be taken to resolve them.
For instance, the report may highlight a driver who is using considerably more fuel than others in the fleet. Further investigation might find that this is due to an inefficient driving style, in which case driver training could be organised.
When using fuel cards, administration becomes a much simpler and more accurate process. Organising the refund of fuel expenses to drivers becomes a thing of the past and reclaiming GST becomes easier without hundreds of receipts to sort through, saving businesses both time and money.

Security Benefits

If a fuel card is ever lost or stolen, it is cheap and easy to replace. Hard cash is more difficult to replace. And, with a 24-hour service, Radius can block fuel cards immediately so that if a card is misplaced, it can’t be used to make any purchases. Fuel cards also allow you to control what your drivers purchase with restricted-transaction options and limits available on all cards.